April 3 – Prayer

God calls us to take part in His transforming work and promises that we will be transformed in the process. As a praying church, we believe the Gospel changes our lives. Spend some time today in prayer and use the following as a guide.

Praise God for who He is: Prayers of praise are focused entirely on God. It is our expression of adoration for all that God is – His holiness, greatness, love, and majesty (Isaiah 12:2). Take a few minutes to focus on God and praise Him for who He is. Write down a characteristic of God that you love and put it somewhere you can see it daily.

Thanksgiving for what He has done: Prayers of thanksgiving acknowledge what God has done and is doing in our lives, homes, job, community, bodies, and the church (James 1:17-20). Spend some time thanking God for what He has done in your life.

Confession of our sins: An awareness of God’s presence reveals our own unworthiness. In confession we acknowledge our sin and ask God for forgiveness (Romans 10:9). Take a few minutes to confess your sin to God and ask for forgiveness.

Ask (Life, Community, Campus, Church): Prayers of petition include asking God specific things for our lives, our community, our campuses, and the local and global church (Matthew 6:33). Take a few minutes to ask God to show His glory in these places.